The Personal Information Manager for Risc OS systems

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You can download other Organizer-related software orignally developed by Chris Morison:

bug-fix Organizer 1.40 bug-fix (62k)

Reporter Reporter - See the dedicated Reporter page for more info

The Reporter module provides a multitasking window and a *command to place any text within the window. This is useful for debugging multitasking programs without interrupting the flow of the program with message boxes. Chris Morison's original version has since been vastly improved by Martin Avison so (among many other new features) the *command can now take and evaluate Basic variables automatically.


Info Icon !StHlp2Txt (14k)

Converts StrongHelp manuals into easy to read text files, complete with page numbers and contents pages. Makes it very easy to print a complete manual and can be used to convert Organizer's help files into a standalone manual.



Organizer IconOrganiser downloads


  • Org2.1 Language pack - The latest version of the Organizer Language pack is available here (log on and password required). Other language versions include Danish, German, French, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Cog IconManuals and add-ons:

  • Org2 Manual - The latest version of the Organizer manual in html format is available here


Cog IconHow-to-do-it guides: