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Organizer IconOrganizer Version History


This is a list of the developments that have been made since the first version of !Organizer.


Cog IconVersion: 1.57 (2003-08)

  • 32-bit compatible.
  • User-definable address-book views.
  • Allowed variable number of addresses per page, where each address only takes up as much room as it needs.
  • Added a message protocol so that other applications can read and modify Organizer's address-book database
  • User-definable address-book fields.
  • Separate home and work address details per address-book entry.
  • Multiple lines can be stored in each address-book field and displayed on separate lines (eg, you can easily enter 2 e-mails, etc.)
  • Names can have distinct prefixes and suffixes.
  • Auto-Backup.
  • Date Select window improved.
  • Alarms can repeat on the 4th (weekday) of the month.
  • Task alarms no longer held up by normal alarms.
  • An OrgData file within the !Organizer directory will be loaded by default and with higher priority than Choices:Organizer.OrgData
  • Diary search results in chronological order again.
  • System variables can be used in the Digital clock.
  • Search results can be deleted, or added/removed from/to address-book categories.
  • Existence of address-book fields can be searched for.
  • Important numbers can be sorted.
  • Holding down CTRL when clicking on an e-mail address will paste ",<address>" into the icon with the caret if the caret is not at the start of the icon text.
  • StrongHelp file has a useful contents page.


Cog IconVersion: 1.50 (20 May 2000)

  • Notes section.
  • Repeated alarms displayed at repeated times.
  • Alarm text can be split over multiple lines in the Diary display.
  • Alarm Templates can be defined for similar alarms that you regularly have to define.
  • Added categories to address-book section.
  • Configurable export of all sections except the Calendar.
  • vCard import into the address-book.
  • Alarms and Anniversaries can have early warning.
  • Alarms can have a 'repeat until' date.
  • Alarms can have 'except' dates.
  • Interaction with AddressIt. Complete addresses can be obtained from entering a post-code and pressing one hot-key.
  • Made the age shown in the Anniversary section either as of the next birthday, or as at this year.
  • Implemented the global clipboard.
  • "Special days" and Daylight Savings Time change over dates are now stored in a separate "Holidays" file. This is so you can edit your own holidays file which will not then be overwritten by the next upgrade.
  • "Go to current day" button that can be used in any section.
  • Made deferred alarms show up independently.
  • Adjust clicking on Save toolbar button and menu items will save without opening the save box.
  • Shift-Ctrl-F2 will open the Choices window open to the current section's choices.
  • Made Return and Delete work over multiple lines in addresses and alarm messages.
  • Search results can be saved.
  • Checked for name, phone number or e-mail duplication when adding a new address.
  • Order of sections can be changed, and sections can be removed.
  • If the main window is too small to comfortably fit the address-entry window, then the address-entry window will automatically acquire a scroll bar.


Cog IconVersion: 1.43 (1999)


Cog IconRISC OS 4 Version:1.40

This version was released for use with RISC OS 4, but users of this version who have not registered are not entitled to updates.


Cog IconVersion: 1.36 (1999)

  • Printing.
  • Help buttons.
  • New Search interface.
  • Front page.
  • Free memory display in icon bar.
  • Journal.
  • Phone dialling via speakers or modem.
  • Toolbar.
  • Used the default data location Choices:Organizer.OrgData
  • Can move any window by dragging its background.
  • Supported the saving of Desktop boot files.
  • Stopped constant redrawing and pane delinking when in rectangular pixel modes.
  • Added hot-keys ^PgUp, ^PdDown for moving up/down whole sections.
  • Added hot-key ^F2 for closing the windows.
  • Made Auto Save work after a normal alarm has gone off and when auto opened on a new day.
  • Made case swapping work in address entry page.
  • Made holding down ALT bypass auto_quit.
  • Forced quotes around addresses in CSV export.
  • Adjust click on 'Cancel' buttons undoes changes made since some windows were opened.
  • Stopped error when anniversary set for 1st March.
  • Corrected window size when data loaded in separately.
  • Finally got rid of 'Heap block' errors.
  • Fixed DST turning off/on
  • Stopped repeating alarms being auto-expired.
  • Told Delirium the Screensaver to stop screen saving when alarms go off.


Cog IconRevised Version: 1.31 (1999)

This revised version includes the Daylight-Savings Time bug fix, which caused the clock to oscillate DST on/off every second on some Sundays.


Cog IconVersion: 1.31 (1998)

Name changed to Organizer from Organiser, so that I could reserve the name and a file type.
Also, this version given Shareware status.

  • All data saved in a single file, and can be stored separately from the application, allowing a primative method of network usage and multiple users.
  • Moved all foreign text into Messages files, to save disc space and make translating a bit easier.
  • Displayed birthdays on 29th Feb on 1st Mar if not a leap year.
  • Supported interactive help (optional to save memory).
  • Fixed time-zone problems.
  • In RiscOS>=3.5 the icon bar icon is fitted to desktop font better.
  • If the icon bar is given background colour 1, then it isn't filled.
  • Added a quick'n'nasty 'Find' facility to the address book (will be improved).
  • Alarm file import facility, including conversion to anniversaries.
  • CSV address export facility.
  • Made the Clear button become Cancel when editting an address.
  • Facility for auto quitting Organizer if no alarm on the day.
  • Text files can be dragged into writable icons.
  • Beeping can be turned off after a number of seconds.
  • 'Address' tab moved up slightly away from page turn icon.
  • Increased range of Calendar (1800 onwards).
  • Made 'Quick boot-up' work if files get closed.

Cog IconVersion: 1.26 (1997)

  • Made folder colours configureable.
  • Made caret flow between writable icons nicer.
  • Made 'Save Organizer data?' options better.
  • Made CSV import filter out blank addresses (for CR+LF line endings).
  • Display ages in Anniversary section as at NEXT birthday, not this years Birthday.
  • Made auto open on a new day 'only if alarm is set' option.
  • New HTML format help file.
  • New StrongHelp format help file.


Cog IconVersion: 1.25 (1997)

  • Improved graphics (Many thanks to Pete Goodliffe).
  • Moved active point on pointers.
  • Stopped page turning opening email.
  • Fixed Paste menu in Setup.
  • Fixed 'Repeat every' menu when not in English.
  • Stopped English CSV import window opening.
  • Made menus a bit wider.
  • Stopped 'edit anniversary' in Dutch causing icon to disappear.
  • Allowed times to be typed in.
  • Rounded default times of alarms to the hour.
  • Stopped icon bar icon moving to left.
  • Made settings window re-open on top.
  • Adjust-Click on 'Accept' in address entry window doesn't change page.
  • Stopped pasting sometimes causing an indent.
  • Fixed URL hotlink with some browsers.
  • Stopped repeating 'display only' or task alarms from going off more than once when catching up to present time.
  • CSV import can split addresses stored in one column.
  • <CTRL-S> can swap case of character just entered in a writable icon.
  • Four figure free memory can be shown in Megabytes.
  • 'Last year' option added to Calendar menu.
  • Diary 'Find date' hot-key moved to F4.
  • Diary Find first/previous/next/last given hot-keys F5-F8.
  • Beeping in Anniversaries can be turned off.
  • Beeping can be turned off between certain hours.


Cog IconVersion: 1.20 (1997)

Version 1.18 was the first version to be downloaded in any real quantity, and therefore it was the version in which lots of bugs were spotted. The new version has the following improvements:

  • Task alarms implemented.
  • Hotlinks to Web-browsers and mailers from the address book.
  • Active 'Page Turn' and hotlink pointer.
  • Address fields can have different colours.
  • Digital clock can be totally configured.
  • Digital clock flashing stopped.
  • Allowed longer address fields.
  • Fixed bug causing CSV import to hang computer.
  • Fixed bug with non-alphabetic surnames.
  • Swapped 'am' & 'pm' in digital clock!
  • Mended keyboard shortcuts in anniversary.
  • Fixed 'Paste at cursor' menu.
  • Re-added 'monthly' & 'yearly' repeating alarms.
  • Can now tell the time with alternative territories.
  • Fixed the menu width in RiscOS versions less than 3.5.
  • Fixed bug causing errors in address book.
  • Can change the default language without moving files.


Cog IconVersion: 1.18 (1997)

  • Nice ring and page turn sprites. (Pete Goodliffe)
  • Fixed bug in free memory display.


Cog IconVersion: 1.17 (1997)

  • Can import addresses in CSV format from other databases.
  • Messages files implemented, allowing translations. Dutch messages available by request. (Translation by Paul Sprangers)
  • Standardised windows. (Thanks to Pete Goodliffe)
  • 'Display only' alarms can repeat. (Sorry!)
  • Non-alphabetic surnames sorted properly.
  • Leap year calculations improved to work beyond the year 2099!!.
  • Can edit/copy anniversaries by clicking on them in the Diary.
  • Automatic Daylight Saving time switching.
  • Icon bar can be a free memory display, either by default or by ALT-clicking.
  • Fixed bug in alarm system that caused 'Abort on data transfer' errors infrequenty.
  • Fixed bug when editing alarms at 12.xx pm.
  • Fixed bug when trying to edit alarma very near bottom of day.
  • Fixed bug when adding addresses with surnames beginning with numbers.


Cog IconVersion:1.15 (1997)

  • Improved icon sizes in all windows, to allow larger desktop fonts.
  • Made clock and tab colours configureable.
  • Increased slot size by 4k so stop memory errors.
  • Removed 'Remove all data' option, you now have to run a !Remove file inside !Organizer.
  • Shortened menus.
  • Made main windows default position configureable.
  • Made main window resizeable.
  • Made SELECT and ADJUST behave properly on up/down arrows.
  • Allowed longer e-mail addresses.
  • Added Web field in addresses.
  • Stopped 'Set alarm window' from opening when MENU clicked near the bottom of a day in the diary.
  • Discovered how to force icon bar icons to far right, optional.
  • Allow user to choose default alarm options.

Cog IconVersion 1.10 (1997)

This was the first released version of Organizer. Improvements over version 1.00 which was written for Chris Morion's own use are:

  • Incomplete Notes section removed to release memory.
  • Clock setting facility added (No longer need !Alarm at all!)
  • 'Erase all data option' added so I could give Organizer to other people easily.
  • Address book turns to the page containing the address just added/ammended.
  • Alarms can be deleted after a user-determined time.
  • Diary can be set to open every new day/week/month.
  • Anniversary section displays current month with a red border.
  • Iconised windows supported.